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IT professional with strong technical background and product management experience.  Worked in multiple industry domains with strong experience in financial, entertainment and petroleum industries. Additional experience in B2C and B2B electronic web commerce, CRM, enterprise Marketing and sales automation software.  International experience in software development, deployment and system integration. Specialized experience in system mergers and migrations from old to new technologies, especially cloud technologies. Creative team-oriented customer-focused IT leader with exceptional organizational skills and capable of leading and collaborating in a fast-paced multi-team, multi-task environment to maximize efficiencies and synergies and to minimize development and operational costs.



Professional Experience:


Sirius-XM + Pandora                                                         2008-present


Multiple positions - Director IT – Software Engineering and Product Development, Sr. Manager IT




IBM - Sr. Software Engineer   2005 – 2008

Project – gis (gentran integration suite) (annarbor – mi) 

This project involved full SDLC for Gentran Integration Suite. Following are my responsibilities:


  1. Developed GIS platform including Java/SOA engine
  2. Troubleshoot and fixed defects reported by the customers and provided hot fixes.
  3. Researched areas of application performance and scalability improvements.
  4. Trained the team members to enhance the efficiencies and synergies.






Multiple Projects – IT Consultant Software Engineering – 1997 - 2005

Project – / 

This project involves design and development of two web based in house applications i.e., and using different java technologies.

Ooober is an online platform that allows one to laungh mobile content solution and mobile campaigns on the fly, while provides quick and simple solutions to consumer customers; equips enterprises, mobile operators and content providers with all the tools and expertise to get a head start with their mobile initiatives. 

Provided support to architect, design and develop multiple web based applications using ESB/SOA engines like MULE.

Project – Reporting tool, (New York – NY) – Sr Java Developer – JP Morgan - NYC
This project involves development of reporting tool designed to be compatible with any RDMS as well as any schema. Initially Oracle 8i is being used to develop the application. This application involves two sections, Table Section and Chart Section:
 • Table section is being developed using Java Swing JTable and Default Table Model. The table model is populated from the database using JDBC thin client. Once the table model is populated by database schema, a table template is displayed in startup screen which gives the user a basis to form a report.
 • Table section has two subsections, Standard Table and Cross-tab Table. Standard Table provides a standard table template and Cross-tab table template provides basis for making cross-tab reports.
 • Chart section is developed using Java Swing 2D graphics, which provides a chart template hence providing the basis for Chart Report.
 • Main Menu Screen is developed using JMenu and an internal JPanel 
 • JAXP/ XML is used to store the report data as well as the formatting information of Table and Chart Reports.

Project - web application (Toronto – Canada)  - Sr Java Developer
This project involves designing and development of job search system specifically designed for Trainers only. This system was first developed using ASP but since the traffic increased, the client decided to use JSP, Servlets and EJB for there web based modules and Swing / Applet for the Administrative tool using JFrame, JPanel and JTree etc for managing there backend. This tool will use HRML to make the data interface independent. The following modules are under development for Administrative Tool: 
 • Account Management Screen with a database search engine using JAXP, JDOM, XML, HRML and JDBC API’s.
 • Scrollbar Management Screen for updating/changing the scrollbars in different pages of the website.
 • News Management Screen for updating/changing the latest news in the website and sending the weekly news letters to the registered employers and candidates, using JPanel, JTextPane, JDBC and JMS.
S.W.I.F.T (New York – NY) 
This project involved designing and development of new straight-through trade processing system for T+1 settlement offered by the Global Straight-Through Processing Association (GSTPA). This application, the Single User Workstation, was the first application to converse with the GSTPA central server using SWIFT NETWORK Link (SNLC/SNLJ), the Transaction Flow Monitor (TFM); it has been used for integration testing of the TFM, and was the device used by most pilot participants in their scripted testing. 
 The following activities were performed to design develop and deploy this project in SWIFT:
 • Designed and Developed Message Centre, Trade Resolution Centre, Message Authorization Centre, Import Export Centre and Database Maintenance Centre modules including runtime single/multiple record automatic refresh, and summary table pagination using Applets, JPanel, JFrame, JButtons, JTree, JTextField, JComboBox and JListBox.
 • Enhanced Trade Centre Modules, adding runtime single/multiple record automatic refresh, and summary table pagination using Applets, JPanel, JFrame, JButtons, JTree, JTextField, JComboBox, JListBox, JAXP APIs (Parser, SaxParser, Document Handler) Vectors and JDBC APIs.
 • Used SwingUtilities class methods InvokeLater and invokeAndWait to make the application thread-safe.
 • Used SwingWorker object to make database cleanup thread-safe in the Database Maintenance Centre.
 • Developed DBManager class for communication by all the modules with the database.
 • Developed generic utilities to format, un-format, validate XML Messages and parse the values out of XML messages.
 • Developed XML Message Import Utility, which reads the messages from an external file and writes to the Single User Workstation Database, after performing XML validation and field validation using JAVA APIs for XML like JAXP, JDOM.
 • Developed Export Utility, which writes all the messages to an external file using Java IO API’s and JFileChooser.
 • Used SoftReference Objects for memory management.

Avis Rent-A-Car Inc (Long Island – NY) 

Project: Maconomy 
This was a finance related Project Portal, which keeps track to the budget, forecasting, Cost Allocation, Invoice tracking, providing customized view for each Project Manager. 

Project: Data Entry Tool 
 Members of the Avis marketing community to input Marketing Incentives into an Oracle database use the DET. The DET development closely resembles the waterfall lifecycle. Initial requirements were obtained from the business community and implemented as a prototype. The requirements were gathered in an incremental fashion and development was started before the requirements phase was completed. 

Project: Query Tool 
 Avis Marketing Data Query/Reporting Screen is an application tool that enables Avis Marketing business people to access, using their own computers, data contained in the Avis Enterprise Data Warehouse. It issues DYNAMIC QUERIES to the database, and marketing personnel can then analyze the results of the queries and, if desired, produce reports based on those results in the application as well as the reports could be reviewed using Crystal Reports. 
Digital Processing Systems (New York – NY) 
Programmer/Analyst: Developed JAVA based virtual store using Oracle Application server on NT platform. Designed and developed the back end database using Oracle8.0.5 and JAVA to design and Develop e-commerce Application. 

Programmer/Analyst: The application was developed for Service Employees International Union, New York using Java JFC/AWT on the front end and MS SQL Server 6.5 on the back end.
Programmer/Analyst: Designed and developed an Inventory Control System using Oracle 7.3 as RDBMS and Visual Basic 5.0 as a front end tool. Also integrated and tested the software. The system keeps track of updated orders and stock from each unit. 

Abacus International 
 This project was developed for Abacus International, which provided computerized to Airlines and Hotels for ticketing and reverberations through an extranet and WAN. Responsibilities included:
 • Designed, developed and tested the Network through other Domains. The whole Network was TCP/IP based using 3-com Access Servers / Router.
Schlumberger - Sedco Forex International Inc. 

Developed / maintained different software. Responsibilities included the following:
 • Re-Developed Inventory Control System and Fixed Asset Register using M/s Access and Visual Basic on the basis of pervious software business logic which was developed originally in Ingress batch file system/VAX. 

Technical Skills:

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux (CENTOS, UNUBTU, KALI), UNIX.

Cloud Technologies : AWS, Azure, GSP (concepts)

Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, Teradata, DynamoDB, Redshift

Languages: Java (Swing, Applets, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JAXP,JAXB, JDOM, XML, XSLT), ESB-SOA (MULE/Tibco), Java Script, Python, PL/SQL, ASP.Net, VB .Net, C#, C++.


McKinsey Management Accelerator program 

University of Michigan – Diploma - Information Systems & Security 

Euro College Postgraduate Degree – IT, Software development

National University Postgraduate Degree – IT, Software development

Government College University – BS – Mathematics and Statistics

Certified Product Owner certification

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